The Appropriate keyword is the element of SEO & content marketing

So what is the foundation of your keyword research for content marketing? 

Many company are having a view that SEO and content are separate campaign. However, in the real sense these two are inseparable. How can you work on SEO if your website has no content that is worth linking? It's worth linking means your content contains a valuable information for your target market and consumer. 

If your content has no value to your target market and audience then your SEO team will only be creating artificial link building. 

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Unless your content is carefully planned and masterfully crafted based on a deep and intimate understanding of your target audience’s needs, your SEO initiatives will likely fail or under perform. Keyword research and analysis is one of the most critical elements of your content preparation, planning and production.

Key questions to consider here are:

  • How do you link SEO and keyword analysis to content marketing?
  • How do you produce content that your prospects will find irresistible?
  • How can you expand, grow and consolidate your profitability with an intelligent content strategy?

Tell stories that people find interesting.

But how can you know what they will respond to?

You can keep your eyes and ears open and observe what’s happening in your niche — but that takes time, and you’ll only scan a tiny segment of your market.

You can conduct formal surveys of customers and prospects — though there’s always a risk they might mislead you, for various reasons.

People type queries into the search box that are of interest to them. If you can leverage tools like Google Trends, Google Predictive Search, Google Keyword Planner and to mine this rich treasure trove of keyword data and identify patterns, you’ll soon have a pretty good idea of what your audience wants.

Know what your people want

Knowing your customers is the key here. Your keyword research should help illuminate what they want and why they want and need it. From there, you can determine how your product helps them solve their problems and achieve their goals.

This knowledge helps you strategically plan your content marketing and brings several benefits to your business.

1. Better understand your customers
2. Communicate more effectively
3. Plan content more easily
4. Go beyond relevant — be memorable
5. Combine creativity with data

Implementing keyword research in your business

Are you beginning to see how great an impact keyword-focused content can have on sales, revenue and profit? If you’ve been ignoring this aspect of SEO for a long time, you are probably damaging your business, limiting its potential and holding yourself back from maximizing revenue.

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